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Today was MUCH Improved.
So the bus ride to school was no fun but it was shorter. We had 55 people crammed into every seat, and no one was in a quiet mood. We did, however, arrive to the school on time, which is a major plus.
Upon entering my Va/US Government class, I was given careful instructions as to how to exit the building during a fire drill, right down to how far we could walk out of the school before running into a portable(JSYK it's about 30 feet). Then, Mr. johnson (Thats Mr. C.E. Johnson Jr. to you!) Proceeded to tell us alll about himself and allowed us to ask any question we wanted of him as long as it isn't personal, political or religious. So basically all the stuff we wanted to know was off limits. Sad really. Oh, and I am the only person in that class that reads comic books! Or at least the only one brave enough to confess it.
I did my Ap Statistics assignment (you know, the one I had all summer to do, but waited until the block before it was due to finish) in my direction and production class, where I was called the "friendly neighborhood stalker" by my lovely teacher, Mr. Wolf, a little man with silver hair and a couple of earings. My chair was almost stolen b/c some one just had to use me as an example of conflict in an open scene. Also the chair was a representation of my soul. Just Lovely.
My statistics teacher is the coolest math teacher ever, by far!I know it's repeditive but she is. She's helpful, funny and can make you want to add up those random numbers.
The only good thing about English was that we had an abriviated block and then a fire drill to pass the time. Otherwise, it was the most boring class of the day.
The bus ride home was just as packed, but for some reason, we were okay with that. I think it was the fact that the sun was out and it was nice outside for once. Plus, we got home about ten minutes earlier than yesterday. and I had my new Jason Mraz c.d. to pass the time, and I really need to stop talking now so that's it for day two!

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ur so weird (i have no idea what is going on here, how does this site work what even)
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Welcome, Welcome!
Do you like or know about Hetalia or Anime perhaps, just wondering! ^-^
I hope your days get better.
FreakyLaurent Sep 8, 2009  Professional Photographer

Welcome to DA !

Superjustinbros Sep 8, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there, welcome to deviantART!
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